Dear Members and Friends of the Sweetwater Baptist Church:

Blessings!! As fall approaches so does football season. Football is a team sport that requires coopera-tion, support, and enthusiasm. In the same manner the church is a team working together for the Kingdom of God. On September 1st we will begin a new church year. I want to personally say “thank you” to everyone who has agreed to serve as a teacher, director, committee member, worker, and volunteer. Your service to the Sweetwater Baptist Church and the Lord Jesus Christ is greatly appreciated. It is going to be an awesome year!!

We love missions here at Sweetwater! September is traditionally the time of year that we focus on state missions. Our Janie Chapman State Mission Offering goal this year is $3,000. This offering helps to sup-port the work and ministry of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. Our state mission study will be on Wednesday evening, September 24th, in the sanctuary. Also, Dr. Jim Austin, the Executive-Director of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, will be speaking in the morning worship services on September 28th... (Read More from Pastor’s Paragraphs)

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